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This website project aims to serve teachers, school heads and division officials for fast communication from the main office to the remote school of the division.
Warm greetings!

Welcome to www.depedrovcatanduanes.com website!

In the advent of modern communication, internet has been the easiest means to gather data and information with the click of our fingers and browse the different websites of the wide world.

 As role models of the growing minds of children, teachers are given the task to nurture the inquisitive minds of pupils and students in order to cope with the changing world specifically in terms of state of the art technology.

 With the dawn of the net, we teachers, schools heads and other officials in the education sector are very much aware of the communication network system which we believe could help a lot in our profession and consequently share our knowledge and skills with the students.

Deped Catanduanes website was proposed and conceptualized during the meeting of selected ICT teachers of the Division last November 27, 2012 through our assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Mariano B. De Guzman and the EPS in Science and Division IT Coordinator, Dr. Salve T. San Juan.

 A day after the meeting, project proposal in the creation of Deped Catanduanes website was  submitted to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent and was fortunately approved on that same year.
 The creation of Deped Catanduanes Website was based on the Leadership Excellence towards Accelerating Performance or (LEAP) program. This concept is under the second Mandate of the LEAP Program which is Planning and managing the effective and efficient use of all personnel, physical and fiscal resources of the division, including professional staff development. And one of the programs is the Paperless Communication System and that is creating our own website.
 The site www.depedrovcatanduanes.com  was created in the first week of July 2013 with five IT teachers working cooperatively namely: Efren T. Gurrobat of Antipolo National High School, Andrew B. Satairapan of Calatagan High School, Maybelle V. Rubio of Bato Rural Development High School, Jennifer B. Metica of Catanduanes National High School and Ma. Cheryll C. Turalde of Buyo Integrated School.

Web site test of the project was uploaded to the host server on July 26, 2013 to enable the web administrators edit the page, contents, links and make adjustments before the announcement in the field.
This online project will eventually minimize the risk of travel of the school heads particularly those from distant schools thereby saves  their time and be more devoted in managing their own stations.
Deped Catanduanes website is an easy way for the schools in the province to access information in terms of different updates uploaded like announcements, memoranda, division letters, advisories, and other concerns. Downloadable forms can also be accessed such as report forms, school forms, procurement of documents for the MOOE and other forms of the Deped. In addition, the website provided a page where our teachers and school heads can send inquiries or request through forums and e-mails.
 A link is also provided by our website to enable the user to connect immediately to other sites.  These includes Deped National Office, Deped Region V, other divisions in Bicol Region, other site like the DOST, GSIS, CSC, PhilGEPS and  etc.

 Deped Catanduanes website aims to bring services among the workers of the department to convey information from its main office in the capital town of the province to other municipalities where the strength of the wireless broadband network could possibly browse our net.
 Moreover, we can visit other websites of other divisions, conduct research to other parts of the country and finally to other websites on earth. We gather millions of information from distant places with just a click of our fingers and bring it back at the screen of our computers.

 Come now and visit www.depedrovcatanduanes.com. and explore the importance of this project that will surely benefit all members of the Deped Division of Catanduanes.

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