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  • Division Memorandum No. 160 s. 2016 - Division Training Workshop for ALS Implementers on Various New Strategies on the Implementation of ALS INFED Program for Junior High School
  • Division Memorandum No. 151 s. 2016 -  Two-Day Orientation-Workshop on Senior High School(SHS) 1st Semester Status Updating and 2nd Semester Enrolment in the Learner Information System(LIS)
  • Division Memorandum No. 146 s. 2016 - Division Training on Reinforcing the Capability of Guidance Counselors and EsP Teachers on Sogie-Based Bullying and Migration & Development
  • Division Memorandum No. 145 s. 2016 - 4 Days Live-in Division Workshop on Finalization of Local Lesson Exemplars in Araling Panlipunan and Contextualizing of Content Standards to Cultural Treasures/Assets
  • Division Memorandum No. 144 s. 2016 - Lesson Plan Writeshop/Preparation of Digital Lessons for Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan(EPP) Grade 4 & 6 and Technology and Livelihood(TLE) Grade 7 & 8
  • Division Memorandum No. 135 s. 2016 - Division Observance of the 18-day Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Their Children(VAWC) cum Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC)
  • Division Memorandum No. 71, s. 2016 - Three-Day Live-out Basic Training Course for Instructional Managers(IM) and Facilitators(F) on Accreditation and Equivalency ( A&E) and Basic Literacy  Program(BLP)
  • Division Memorandum No. 55, s. 206 - Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 51, s. 2016(Lesson Plan Writeshop for Grade 5 Subjects in the First Quarter in the K to 12 Basic Education Program
  • Division Memorandum No. 50 s. 2016 - Provincial Orientation Conference on the Administration of the Language Assessment for Primary Grades(LAPG) and the National Achievement Test(NAT) 2016
  • Division Memorandum No. 49, s. 2016 - Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 46, s. 2016 dated May 18, 2016 Re: Resetting of the Division Training Workshop on Curriculum Contextualization, Localization and Indigenization
  • Division Memorandum No. 19 s. 2016 -Composition of the Division Selection Committee and Division Selection Sub-Committee to Conduct Selection and Recruitment of Senior High School Teachers
  • Division Memorandum No. 5, s. 2016 - Division Orientation/Briefing of Recipient Public Elementary and Secondary Schools under the DepEd Computerization Program(DCP) Batches 29, 30 &33
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